Choice Between State-of-the-Art PERS-Based HUB or 4G Samsung Tablet Delivers Unparalleled Versatility to Healthcare Providers

March 21, 2019 – Bala Cynwyd, PAConnect America, the nation’s largest independent provider of personal emergency response systems (PERS) announced today that it has expanded HUB options to enhance its highly customizable ConnectVitals™ remote patient monitoring (RPM) platform. As one of the only RPM services available to offer choice in the form of either a state-of-the-art PERs device or a 4G tablet HUB, this groundbreaking telehealth solution helps hospitals and healthcare providers to significantly improve remote patient care and reduce hospital readmissions, thereby increasing patient satisfaction while reducing costs.

Because of its ease-of-implementation for hospitals, home healthcare agencies, MCOs, and physician groups across the country, ConnectVitals has become a key player in RPM by rapidly transforming the healthcare delivery paradigm across the care continuum.

“Our PERS devices are considered to be the original RPM solution, so ConnectVitals was a natural evolution for us. Our growing client base is adopting ConnectVitals because it’s innovative, forward-thinking, and saves hospitals and healthcare providers time and money by decreasing readmissions and reducing costs,” said Richard Brooks, President, Connect America’s Healthcare division. “Our customers also prefer Connect America’s telehealth solution because it is a SASS (cloud-based) solution with products that are easy to use for patients. For hospitals and patients alike, it’s a clear win-win.”

The sleek 10-inch Samsung TAB E touchscreen tablet is powered by 4G Verizon connectivity and comes with an easy-to-use patient interface for recording biometric measurements with our FDA approved Bluetooth wireless devices, live video chat, secure texting, and a library of patient education and medication videos. Other significant improvements made recently to the ConnectVitals platform include new Bluetooth-enabled technologies, wearable PERS, and vital signs monitoring devices that are customizable for each patient’s treatment plan and directly integrate with a healthcare provider’s EMR systems.

With ConnectVitals, healthcare providers can remotely monitor their patients’ health status daily and react quickly to any negative trends, which most often will result in better and fewer ER visits and hospitalizations. This remote engagement also increases patient engagement and knowledge, which is a key driver to self-directed care. 

“CMS has shifted provider reimbursement from volume-based care to value-based care replacing the old fragmented fee-for-service model. This new system is about comprehensive, coordinated care using payment models that hold providers accountable for controlling cost and improving quality. Healthcare providers are excited about our solution because it provides them with an intuitive, cost-effective tool to better manage their patients and improve outcomes. For them, saving money and improving patient care are their primary concerns, and we’ve given them an easy path to achieve those goals,” added Jim Reilly, Vice President, Healthcare Division at Connect America.  “When it comes to leading system innovation among healthcare technology providers, Connect America is far ahead of the pack in terms of delivering must-have, state-of-the art solutions.”

“We’ve found the ConnectVitals solution has enhanced our patient experience tremendously. Our bidirectional interface between our EMR and their backend integrate seamlessly. I would highly recommend Connect America and their ConnectVitals offering to any organization looking to provide their clients with remote patient monitoring solutions, and the best technology available,” said Lynette T., Director of Finance, Community Based Services, Eddy Visiting Nurse and Rehab Association, St. Peter’s Health Partners (a Trinity Health Company).

ConnectVitals is unique because it can integrate multi-channel (e.g. biometrics, video, chat, and fall detection) remote monitoring into a variety of healthcare programs, which increase access to care, responsiveness, patient engagement and clinical touch points while improving patient outcomes, the direct costs of healthcare delivery, and overall health care costs.

“As a company, Connect America is continually innovating and looking at new ways to solve the most pressing issues facing hospitals and healthcare providers,” added Richard Brooks. “Stay tuned for more leading-edge wearable products and apps coming soon that will make it even easier for patients to record their vital signs.”

About Connect America

Connect America’s heritage stretches back more than 35 years to the very early days of Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS).  The company has been trusted to help maintain the health, safety and security of millions of seniors, patients and those that care for them through increasingly innovative monitoring solutions – evolving from PERS to also include Remote Patient Monitoring and Medication Management.  Headquartered in the Greater Philadelphia, PA area with regional offices nationwide, Connect America’s solutions are sold direct-to-consumer as well as through a network of over 1000 healthcare providers. Connect America believes that “Connecting is Caring.” Our mission is to ensure that all subscribers reap the vital and, at times, life saving benefits of living in a connected world. For more on ConnectVitals and Connect America’s Healthcare division, visit